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Zeta was established with an objective to meet the growing demand for premium brands in Azerbaijan and neighbouring countries. It has become a diversified group with interests in fashion, food and beverage, kids entertainment. It represents major brands from each sector and as part of its long term sustainability strategy is strictly selective in assessing brands.

Through its professional approach, Zeta successfully promotes its brands in the territory of its operation in line with their vision and identity. Zeta is regarded as a reliable local partner upholding such ethical values as integrity, fairness and responsibility. The group operates with strong teams, resources, and has built up an excellent local business network.
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     · Баку

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    1. Təhsil - Ali
    2. İş stajı- Ən azı 1 il
    3. Dil biliyi - Azərbaycan , Rus
    4. Windows XP / 7 / 8;
    5. Windows Server 2008 / 2012
    6. LAN/WAN
    7. Hardware, Software

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