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Адрес работы: 110 Ziya Bunyadov

Office manager

Работодатель: Банана трэвл (0 вакансий)

Низами 31


Personal qualities: agile, hard working, team player, open mind
Technical education: Mathematic science, Engineering, Construction, Marketing, Logistics etc.
Experience: Metal production company, metal trade, construction company, international (worlwide) logistic experience, office manager, sales, marketing
IT skills: Advanced it user, Good in MS Office exel, designing ability, SMM, internet etc.
Language skils: English, Russian, Azerbaijani - all advanced, able to write an email, make phone calls with foreigners
Сopywriting skils, advertising design, work on autocad will be an advantage


Responds to phone calls, making cold calls, fixes and transfers service information to the CEO and employees of the company.
Provides document circulation of the company: incoming and outgoing correspondence, registration, accounting, storage, archiving of documents
Performs copying and duplicating work.
prepares drafts of letters, inquiries and other documents relating to the activities of the company.
Prepares meetings and meetings held by the Director (material and technical support, notification of participants about the time and place of the meeting, the agenda).
Organizes business trips of employees: orders air and railway tickets, book hotels.
Organizes the provision of office office supplies, supplies and other inventory items, necessary for the office. Organizes their acceptance, accounting, storage and delivery.
Monitors the proper condition of office equipment, communications; when revealing malfunctions of office equipment and other equipment, calls specialists for repair work and other types of maintenance
Coordinates and controls the work of the drivers other logistic activities
Work with CRM / ERP system of the company

Условия работы:

Full day
From Monday to Saturday / Sunday off
Time from 9:00 to 19: 0
Official registration
Good friendly atmosphere
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